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Get to know your customer behavior via invoicing software

There are many factors that can make a business “one and only” for their customer. Besides product or service quality, clear and trustworthy communication is also one of the keys. But instead of establishing a communication pattern and applying it to all of your clients, try to understand and learn more about their behavior. Clients […]

What defines you as successful freelancer?

If you are serious about building a career as a freelancer or you already made enough money to go on your own, there are several things that you need to know before you get lost in the pile of competitors. For sure, you can make a lot of adjustments and compromises in order to get […]

Productivity templates for small businesses

Running your own business can have lots of advantages but at the same time puts a lot of challenges in front of you. For example, being a one-man show will save you a lot of money but at the same time will require very good time management. In order to help you with your productivity […]

Movies to inspire your small business growth

Every small business owner, once a while ask himself Am I doing this right? How can I really be sure if I am going on the right track? When in doubt of your business growth, it is time to take a break and watch one of these movies. Some for inspiration and some of them […]

How to get your invoices paid faster?

Are you facing slow paying customers? Maybe some of them simply are forgetful, aren’t able to pay, or they are waiting for future payments. However, reminding your customers to pay is one of the most uncomfortable situations in business relations. To avoid situations like this, here are some advice (from our experience too) how to […]