How Invoice Meister story began

Ones upon a time in a small city, a group of people developed an invoicing software.

Naah…. although most of the stories we can find in books have smoothly beginnings like this, it wasn’t in our case.

Our story started with a team of young, enthusiastic people with a vision to design and develop a straightforward invoicing tool for small business, start-ups, and freelances. After months of hard-work, and many brainstorming sessions, Invoice Meister was created as a simple invoicing tool that will help owners easily manage their businesses. Read more

Finances well managed in 2018

January is over and it is time to go out and make the most of the year in personal and in your professional life. It is time to take a step ahead and make your business more productive. And by more productive we also mean financially more organized. Here are several tips that will get your business step ahead in the race between limited budgets and wishes for business progress. Read more

Finance for dummies

No matter if you are entrepreneur or freelancer, there are always areas and activities in a business that sound too intimidating and complex to do on your own.

Let’ s take finance for example. So many terms, documents formulas, and numbers that you feel like you need additional college to understand and organize all of it. But once you will catch the basics, everything will seem logic and easy. Read more

Small Business Boosters

Several tips that help your small business

Running a small coffee bar around the corner or starting the start-up software business you have always wanted?

So many things to do, yet so little time. Or is it so little resources? The everyday struggle as an entrepreneur is hard. On one hand, you need to balance with time and budget, on the other hand, you feel like u need to catch the momentum and go all in. Read more

Make your business a rock star

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” – Albert Einstein. Well, we couldn’t agree more. As an invoicing software company, we can say that we are successful at developing software that has powerful features and is so simple to use. But what defines us as valuable are you, our customers. What do you experience by using Invoice Meister? What do you get by subscribing to it? Read more