How to create expenses in Invoice Meister?

To create expenses in Invoice Meister, from the main menu choose Expenses. The following screen will be shown where all the previously created expenses will be displayed ( if any).

From the table you can see:

  • Expense number
  • Supplier
  • Issue date
  • Due date
  • Total amount of the expense
  • Payment status which shows whether the expense is paid or not
  • Search filters
    • You can search your expenses by entering certain keyword in the search bar
    • You can define time period for your search
    • You can search your expenses by checking paid / unpaid filters

Create new expense

To create new expense click on the button “New Expense” and the following screen fill be shown

Next, fill in the data circled in red:

  1. You can attach .pdf version of your expense in Invoice Meister
  2. Add supplier information: 
    • Supplier name
    • Payment terms ( if you have already added payment terms while creating the contact, the same payment terms will be shown here)
    • Due date
    • Issue date
    • Currency of your expense
  3. Add product/services that are part of your expenses 
    1. Enter product name
    2. Enter the quantity of the product
    3. The price will be automatically calculated
    4. Select the account where the product belongs
    5. Choose the unit and the tax
    6. If you want to add an additional products just click on the button add line
    7. If you want to delete already entered product click on the red X sign next to the total amount
    8. If you want to edit already entered product click on the green edit button next to the total amount

9. And then click “Save”

Invoice Meister will automatically calculate Subtotal, VAT and Total for you.

Delete Expense 

If you want to delete certain expense, just double click on the intended expense and click on the delete button displayed on the image below. Remember that the expenses can be deleted only if there are no related payments with them.