Get to know your customer behavior via invoicing software

There are many factors that can make a business “one and only” for their customer.

Besides product or service quality, clear and trustworthy communication is also one of the keys. But instead of establishing a communication pattern and applying it to all of your clients, try to understand and learn more about their behavior. Clients love when you understand their needs and act accordingly. It makes them feel special, and in their eyes, you look devoted and reliable.

Certainly, it takes time, but only a few adjustments in your approach and communication can offer clients value that none of the competition can. And you know what they say: It’s the details that count.

Key to this is to learn more about customers behavior and believe it or not invoicing software can be of great help in this field.

What can your invoicing software tell you about your customer?

First of all, it can help you understand how his business is developing. Are his requests for quote and orders getting bigger or smaller? Of course, you cannot conclude this by tracking only several orders, but in time this indicator will help you understand whether you can count on him in the future and you can help him grow his business even further.

The second thing your invoicing software can do for you is to track your customer payment behavior. If he is a regular customer that pays in with delays of several days or he always pays up front? Obviously, you can have a different approach for both cases. In the first, you can gain customer trust by offering him to extend his invoice due date, and in the second you can award the client with a small discount.

Another information that can be valuable is the type of payment your customer prefers. If he always pays in cash and you prefer other types of payment try to offer some benefit in order to stimulate bank transfers or vice versa. If you do not mind his preferred payment type, try to also award him with free shipping, service or additional product.

Invoicing software such as ours can also help you track and establish your anniversary with different clients. The date when you first made a deal or transaction is the day when you started your business relationship and this is worth knowing and celebrating. It would mean a world to your client if you send him a small gift or even a card, reminding him he can always count on you.

By taking a different approach to different customers you not only increase your chances of customer retention, but also you increase the potential for new customers, cause no paid advertisement can beat the result of good old word of mouth recommendation from a happy client.