How to make your small business true star among clients

In the sea of new small business and start-ups trying to shine out the competition, it is crucial to generate and grow a customer base that will be loyal. Although this can be a great challenge, there are some practical tips that always work.

Put yourself in customer’s shoes

What does your customer really need? It is not about your service, it is about his needs. Understand them and adapt products and services that meet those needs. And when he finally finds what he likes, you may personalize it and award his loyalty. You know how well that feels, right?

Remember customer’s name

Always know who you are talking to. Remembering customer name or what he ordered the last time, gives them an impression you really do care about your clients. It gives you a step ahead in communication and a possibility to even offer an additional offer or a deal.

Make partnerships

Make small, but valuable collaborations with products or services that are related to your business. That way you can split the cost, for an event or a promotion but at the same time get to new potential clients.

Use every free tool for promotion and automation

Social media, local event sponsorship, even a free sample of your product or service. Mix and match all powerful tools that will help you promote your business but at the same time learn about your customers. For example, with the help of social media you can at the same time promote yourself, but also hear their feedback and listen what they have to say about your competition. On the other hand, those tasks that you do by yourself like invoicing or e-mailing can be easily done by an automated service leaving you with more time to work on new customers acquisition.

Make your loyal customers your affiliates

Nothing works best as a good word of mouth. Therefore, whenever you feel you have a certain base of loyal customers, make them your affiliates. Their recommendation will help you gain new customers, and your discount will make them feel appreciated.

Experiment, innovate and analyze

From time to time experiment with your offer, add a new feature, make a special offer and analyze how new and current customers react to it. This way you will be able to see what works and what does not. Whatever you do, don’t stand still. Because your competition will certainly not.

Keep the balance

In the search for new customers, make sure you do not forget the old ones. Although it is important to grow your customer base, a loyal customer sometimes worth 10 times a new one. Make sure that you find the right balance these two.