How Invoice Meister story began

Ones upon a time in a small city, a group of people developed an invoicing software.

Naah…. although most of the stories we can find in books have smoothly beginnings like this, it wasn’t in our case.

Our story started with a team of young, enthusiastic people with a vision to design and develop a straightforward invoicing tool for small business, start-ups, and freelances. After months of hard-work, and many brainstorming sessions, Invoice Meister was created as a simple invoicing tool that will help owners easily manage their businesses.

Invoice Meister has set of powerful features like online invoicing, tracking expenses and detailed reports. You can see the full list of features here, and we’ll describe each of it in more detail in our next blogs.

When it comes to pricing you can start using IM for free and if you like it (which I’m sure you will :-)  ) you can choose from one of our affordable packages starting from 7.50 euro per user/monthly.

A crucial part of the whole process had our customer’s feedback whose suggestions helped us to develop a simple solution tailored to small business owner’s needs. So, we want your feedback too. Subscribe for FREE Trial here, write us your feedback and get access to all features free for a whole year.