Productivity templates for small businesses

Running your own business can have lots of advantages but at the same time puts a lot of challenges in front of you. For example, being a one-man show will save you a lot of money but at the same time will require very good time management.

In order to help you with your productivity and time management here are several good examples and templates that will reduce your multiple business activities and keep you stay organized with minimum effort.

Offer template
When working with clients, the first impression they will have for your business comes directly from this document. Therefore, you need to structure it well, be clear in all given points and have all details your client needs. And last but not least it has to be visually appealing and in line with your brand book.

Invoice template
Another document that speaks to your way of handling business. Although there is standard information that all invoices have like contact information, invoice number, buyer’s information and description of products/services along with the price, there are things you can put in your invoice in order to make it more practical for you and your client. For example, you can add a number of all previous unpaid invoices in order to remind him of his debt. A logo or a watermark, as well as the currency by which you are working if you are working with international clients. Also, do not forget to put his due date for payment of the invoice.

Presentation template
Once in a while, you will have to present some of your services, products or ideas personally to a potential client or investor. This is where your presentation and sales skills will have to come at first, but it helps a lot what your presentation speaks for you without you speaking at all. Do not use PowerPoint ready template, instead of that create your own, one that best fits your business and presents your products. Do not overexaggerate with different colors and fonts and text, just follow the rule less is more and you will do just fine.

Agreement template
Suppose you have done everything right and now it is time to seal the deal. This is where your agreement template comes on the table. So make sure you did it once, but nice. Structure it in order that is easy to read, understand and approve by all legal parties. Do not forget to number it and classify it in a way that is easy to connect with invoices you will be sent based on that agreement.
Some of the templates proposed are easy to find on the web, but it is best you make it on your own and customize it as well. And when using them make sure you do not forget names, dates or amounts from previous one.