Small Business Boosters

Several tips that help your small business

Running a small coffee bar around the corner or starting the start-up software business you have always wanted?

So many things to do, yet so little time. Or is it so little resources? The everyday struggle as an entrepreneur is hard. On one hand, you need to balance with time and budget, on the other hand, you feel like u need to catch the momentum and go all in.

But what if somebody told you that you would beat time worries? You would probably say: Yeah right, where is the catch?

There is no catch, just several simple steps that will make you more organized in the manner of time and money and boost your small business.


You read right, not what you are good at because you already know that.

As soon as you find your weak sides, sooner you will be able to find a possible solution for them. For example, if you are bad at managing finance – automate it. And by this we do not mean to spend a pile of money on financial services, rather find easy and simple software that has features you need. Financial reports, bank reconciliation, track of your payments and overdue-s all of them seem pretty complex. But actually is easy to find all in one software that cost only a few bucks a month. Worth the try.


You cannot plan the growth of your business if you do not know how much you’re worth. And by worth, we mean all expenses, loans, expected incomes etc. That way you have total control of your budget, and track where most of your money goes. Also, you will be able to remind your owners of their overdue payments.


Time is everything, so if you are smart enough to own a successful business than you will be smart enough not to make the same thing twice. A recent study shows that people lose 20 months of their life in search for their lost things 8names, keys, documents etc.). Therefore prepare document templates for everything, keep track of your things and keep your contacts in one place. This way you will save a lot of time and keep everything up to date.

And last but not least be prepared to adapt quickly. From technology to new way of doing sales or whatever drive your business ahead. Do it, before your competition does.