Add Products Services

Add your products or services

To add new product from the Company menu, choose Products. On the upper right corner you will find “New Product” button, click on it if you want to add new products/services.

Than fill the following information:

Product No. – this is Product ID, you need to assign number of your choice by which Invoice Meister will keep a record for that product

  • Name – product name
  • Price – the price at which you will invoice your customers
  • Buy price – the price at which you purchased the product
  • Tax
  • VAT
  • Show in – you can choose whether you want the product to be shown in invoices, expenses or in both
  • Invoice Account / Expense account – choose the account in which the product belongs

All the product you add will be shown in the main table.

If you want to edit / delete certain product, simply double click on the product change the information you need and click on the save button or delete if you want to delete it.

From this screen you can also view the report “Item Card

Invoice Meister allows you to search the products in three ways:

  • By keyword 
  • By invoice 
  • By expense