Categorize your business expenses

Categorize your business expenses and choose the category from the built-in chart of accounts when you add new expense entries.

Get organized and save time

Save your expenses anytime, from your office, home or even from the store that you just bought office equipment. Thanks to intelligent technology Invoice Meister use you can manage all your business expenses quickly and easily in one clear interface.

Attach Files

Don’t waste your time organizing your expenses or searching for that one lost expense claim. Invoice Meister saves all your receipts in the cloud so you can access them anytime you want. No more papers, missed detail or expense claims all around your desk.

Enter Expense Payments

Simply enter all payments for your expenses and IM will sync all the information you enter with your entire account finances so you can track down the money that’s coming in and out of your company.

Invoice Meister saves and manages your business expenses in one simple interface. Plus you can enter and track your expense payments.


Can I record expenses in multiple currencies?
Yes, Invoice Meister supports multiple currencies. If you are making a trip to another country for business purposes, you can record expenses in those currencies and Invoice Meister takes care of the currency conversions.
Can I attach a receipt to my expense?
Yes! You can upload a receipt to your expense. Although it is not necessarily. An expense may or may not have a receipt attached to it. However, for better insight, we recommend attaching your receipts to Invoice Meister.
What are the different statuses of Expenses?
Expenses in Invoice Meister can have two statuses:

  • Paid: meaning that the full amount of the invoice is paid;
  • Partially paid: meaning that the full amount of the expense is not paid;

No more waiting for the end of the month

Invoice Meister provides you with clear, detailed reports in real time!