Why it is important keep your business up to date when it comes to finance?

You know how they say: The more up -to date the information, the more valuable it is. And this is not related only to worldwide news and portals, this also crucial to your business and the way you manage time, money and people.

And since time is money and people you manage work for money, in the following article we will pay attention mostly to the financial cause of being updated. Read more

Get to know your customer behavior via invoicing software

There are many factors that can make a business “one and only” for their customer.

Besides product or service quality, clear and trustworthy communication is also one of the keys. But instead of establishing a communication pattern and applying it to all of your clients, try to understand and learn more about their behavior. Clients love when you understand their needs and act accordingly. It makes them feel special, and in their eyes, you look devoted and reliable.

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What defines you as successful freelancer?

If you are serious about building a career as a freelancer or you already made enough money to go on your own, there are several things that you need to know before you get lost in the pile of competitors. For sure, you can make a lot of adjustments and compromises in order to get a project, but there are some things that can play important role in someone’s decision to hire you over and over again. And these things are the crucial factors that differentiate successful freelancers from all of the others.

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Why you need to automate accounts receivable and payable?

Whether you just stated your own business and have only a few invoices per month or your company crosses 4 digits when numbering monthly invoices, it is a good idea to think about automation of your accounts payable.

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How can your small business benefit for using invoicing software?

Although many business owners think that they can do invoicing and financial reports on their own, there is a perfectly logical explanation why investment of only a few dollars a month in invoicing software is worth every cent.

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How to make your small business true star among clients

In the sea of new small business and start-ups trying to shine out the competition, it is crucial to generate and grow a customer base that will be loyal. Although this can be a great challenge, there are some practical tips that always work. Read more

Top 7 financial terms you need to know before starting a business

So you have the idea that will change your professional life and you have finally made a decision to go on your own, to enlighten the business world with your new service or product.

And we say go for it, but before you do that, we advise you to look up of several financial terms that are essential for running your business smoothly and profitably.  If you are already into finances, this will be an easy thing for you. Read more

Productivity templates for small businesses

Running your own business can have lots of advantages but at the same time puts a lot of challenges in front of you. For example, being a one-man show will save you a lot of money but at the same time will require very good time management.

In order to help you with your productivity and time management here are several good examples and templates that will reduce your multiple business activities and keep you stay organized with minimum effort. Read more

Movies to inspire your small business growth

Every small business owner, once a while ask himself Am I doing this right? How can I really be sure if I am going on the right track? When in doubt of your business growth, it is time to take a break and watch one of these movies. Some for inspiration and some of them for reaffirmation. Read more

How to get your invoices paid faster?

Are you facing slow paying customers? Maybe some of them simply are forgetful, aren’t able to pay, or they are waiting for future payments. However, reminding your customers to pay is one of the most uncomfortable situations in business relations.

To avoid situations like this, here are some advice (from our experience too) how to provide an incentive for your customers to pay. Read more