Add terms and conditions template

Terms and conditions template refers to the additional text that you want to enter in your business documents, specifying certain terms and conditions for your invoices, credit notes, quotes or expenses.

The benefit of entering “terms and conditions” text here is that when you wish to send invoice ( for example ) to your client you don’t have to write the text again because it is already written in your template. You only need to choose the template from the drop-down menu.

So, click My Company – Terms, and the following screen will appear:

  • In the table are listed all terms and conditions that you have created ( in the example we have created one – Invoice Template)
  •  Search – you can search the templates by certain keyword and clear search filters.
  • Add terms button is used to add new terms. When you click on the button the following screen will appear and you need to enter:

  • Term name
  • Content 

And then click on save. For each created term you can change the content later or delete it, simply by double-click on the term you wish to change and click on the save/delete button.